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We are a medical waste transport and medical waste disposal service company based in the Province of Saskatchewan, CANADA.

Operating for over 24 years, our customers include hospitals, medical, dental and veterinary clinics, pharmacies, emergency response units, private and public labs, correctional institutions, hotels, airports and many other generators of medical waste.

We also manufacture and distribute sharps containers and medical waste containers across North America!

Call us for all of your medical waste management needs!

(306) 253-4476

Tel: (306) 253-4476 or Toll Free: 1-866-288-3298


**We ship our single-use sharps containers anywhere in North America**


Sharps Container manufacturer & distributor


"Carson" line Sharps Containers by Biomed

Printable Carson Brochure [PDF]


"Pro-Western" line Sharps Containers


"CS" line Sharps Containers by AP Medical

Explore our selection of sharps and medical waste containers using the links above. To order click on the order form or call us toll free at 1-866-288-3298! We love to answer questions!


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Medical Waste Containers


AP 60 liter Medical Waste Container

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Toll Free: 1-866-288-3298


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