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"Technology for Responsible Medical Waste Management"  

Biomed Recovery And Disposal Ltd. is a Canadian company providing medical waste recovery and disposal services in the Province of Saskatchewan.  

We are licensed by Saskatchewan Environment and Resource Management to process medical waste. 

Our transport equipment and insurance requirements meet the standards set by Transport Canada. Biomed Recovery And Disposal Ltd holds a Transport Canada "Permit for Equivalent Level of Safety".

Biomed uses two medical waste processing systems: hydroclaving and incineration. 

We process biomedical waste at our plant in Aberdeen, Saskatchewan, using biomedical waste processing systems designed by Hydroclave Systems Corporation of Kingston, Ontario, CANADA and Therm-Tec, Inc. of Sherwood, Oregon, USA. Some of our cytotoxic, anatomical and/or pharmaceutical waste is also incinerated by Suez North America at the Swan Hills Treatment Centre in Swan Hills, Alberta.

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